Our Commitment for Sustainability

Sustainability Telebit



Telebit has committed to creating and realizing a responsible pact between stakeholders.
We are investing to enhance structural, sustainable, and virtuous economic growth to increase value, employment, innovation, and competitiveness.

Aware of the strategic importance of sustainable development, we have established the Committee for Sustainability.
The Committee is a collegial body that assists Telebit's top management - Chief Executive Officer and first line - on environmental, social and governance issues for sustainable business development.

The Goals of the Committee for Sustainability :
• promote the integration of sustainability into Telebit's strategy, culture and business management
• supervising the dialogue between stakeholders and the pursuit of sustainability goals
• monitoring the execution of the Strategic Sustainability Plan
• carrying out the Regulations of the Committee.


ESG FILES (Italian only)

Estratto Piano Strategico per la sostenibilità ambientale e sociale 2022 – 2026

Codice etico conforme al D.Lgs 231/01

Policy sistema integrato

Policy Diritti Umani e Condizioni di Lavoro

Policy Ambiente e sicurezza sul lavoro

Policy approvvigionamento sostenibile

Policy sicurezza informazioni e protezione dati