The convergence in fixed and mobile network telecommunications, the exponential increase in data flows and the rapid acceleration of NGN networks to support ultra-broad band, demand that the sector step up the deployment of a new model of fiber optic networks.

From the traditional model, which called for the installation of long point-to-point backbones, the focus is increasingly moving towards GPON networks, with point-to-multi-point distribution, wide-spread extension over the territory and the need to develop new design, recording and implementation skills.

Thanks to several decades of experience in the telecommunications sector and continuous updating, Telebit was able in recent years to bring its professionalism and organization into the world of optical networks.

Telebit exploited the progress it made through its recent experience on fiber optic networks as an element of advantage and specialization, operating on structured FTTH networks since the beginning.

Furthermore, Telebit is qualified LELE08, the specific category of the Enel Group for fiber optics.

As part of its core business, over the years Telebit has consolidated its ability to intervene at Telecom Italia’s sites, in compliance with the timing and procedures agreed, demonstrating broad knowledge and making it available for new NGAN interventions. For this purpose, Telebit has achieved certification also as a registered supplier of Telecom Italia.

While addressing the issue of long distance networks, our group manages daily FTTH and FTTC wiring projects, both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point.

The creation of new generation high-density pop, with an installation of more than 50 high-potential cables of up to 256 fibers is accompanied by the extensive wiring of every type of building: from the condominiums of the metropolis of the northeast, such as Padua, to single family homes in the low populated areas of Trentino Alto Adige.

The company has a structure organized to provide a full range of support service to the sector.
Starting from walk-in-walk-out activities, even interacting with advanced GIS systems and the verticalization of the sector, Telebit carries out design, permit requests and project management tasks.

Telebit is strongly rooted in its area. It has been involved for years in the submittal and obtainment of permits for Telecommunication companies in its field of expertise, developing broad knowledge of the processes and specific procedures of each Public Administration body, using where necessary also specialized support, such as the one used for the drafting of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessments), geological surveys and archaeological assessments.


Regarding the installation of new infrastructures, Telebit while making available every type of restricted section excavation required by the Client is strongly oriented towards techniques with low environmental impact, which are warmly recommended also by recent national decrees (decree on excavations, etc.) such as mini-trenches, no dig and pipe pushing machines.
The company is equipped with its own machinery and has been cooperating for years with companies specialized in the field of low-impact excavations to ensure its widest availability, both for timely interventions, and for large areas to be excavated in a short time.
Even in the field of traditional and high-end restorations, Telebit relies on consolidated business relationships that allow it to face every type of project, from standard asphalt paving to the implementations of works with splittmastix, from the installation of porphyry to the restoration of stone paving.


Following the most recent design guidelines, which take into account the new availability of infrastructures by public bodies, Telebit organized its staff in specialized laying teams for the installation of micro-pipelines, cables and fiber optic mini cables that can be installed also in existing pipelines. For this purpose, given that installations are increasingly often carried out in the field of public illumination or e-distribution network, it is worth noting that most of the company’s technical personnel are trained and qualified in PES/PAV, or even PEI and, therefore, are certified to operate in electrical hazard environments..

In view of the still significant amount of networks at a height, many operators attended specific pole-climbing courses.


The joint teams, consisting of personnel qualified through specialized courses, provide service across the territory, fully equipped and well organized in vans entirely dedicated and equipped for this task.
The company’s fleet boasts more than 300 vehicles, and can satisfy every special need of the job site, even in terms of construction site accessibility.

In addition to power meters and optical receivers, the team is equipped with numerous OTDRs, which work on different wavelengths and dynamics, including release coils of over 100km in length to optimize measurements and tests in the most varied conditions: from multi-mode fibers of the old video surveillance systems to the most traditional measuring boxes on 1310/1550nm up to full “third window” checks. All teams are ready to support the client’s needs in full. Telebit operates daily also in the field of measurements and certifications through the Diogene system.

Thanks to its ten-year of experience in fixed line network activities, also the habit of careful and controlled management of access to central stations and pop, as well as the ability to operate without interruption on already active systems are deeply rooted in Telebit. In addition to the construction of new networks, in fact, the company has extensive experience in the reconfiguration and repositioning of cables already installed, both on the pop side and on the road.


Finally, it should be emphasized that Telebit’s customer base has always included the most important providers in the Telecommunication world; in its past development, Telebit introduced and imposed in company practices the habit of structured processes management, accurate reporting and management of safety at the job sites, which set in the world of mobile telephony and installations at a height has been replicated with equal accuracy and care also in fiber optic job sites.


Telebit has started its DELIVERY service at the national level for ADSL ,VDSL, FTTH, FTTC and SHDSL technologies, both on copper and fiber optic networks for providers such as Telecom, Vodafone, and local ones.

The service consists in the implementation of connections between the central network stations/Pop and the users.

In addition to the implementation of connections, Telebit supplies its clients a Maintenance/Assurance service with SLA time-frames contractually agreed with the Providers.

  • To provide its DELIVERY service, Telebit works with over 50 teams across Italy.
  • The activity is managed using a proprietary Software that interfaces easily with all portals of the various Providers and serves to plan, account, monitor and assign the daily tasks to the various teams.
  • This tool can constantly monitor the project’s SLA.
  • All teams have, in addition to the standard equipment, also a tablet for the assigned work that must be carried out detailing all the necessary information.
  • Telebit, to complete the user activation process, whenever necessary intervenes with dedicated teams for the creation of connections also through the implementation of special works (COS).
  • Today Telebit is capable of performing up to 500 interventions a day.
  • To provide high-quality services to its Clients, Telebit performs internal audits on all the installed systems, with the final aim of ensuring perfect implementation.


For over a decade, the company has been operating in the field of maintenance and it has structured a proprietary ticketing platform.
The service includes a corporate SPOC  (Single Point Of Contact) that manages the dispatches in a proactive, personalized and dedicated matter, according to the needs of each Client.
After having implemented the first diagnostic phase, depending on the type of fault, Telebit can bring its expertise to the field, starting from faults in pop and central stations, all the way to the infrastructure or optical part.
Service is guaranteed nation-wide, given that the company has already active services for national motorway concessions, in addition to local parties serving also the mountain areas, capable of dealing with the difficulties of environmental access in winter.


Training, both theoretical and on the field, has become the engine around which Telebit builds its credibility and reliability on a daily basis. In fact, dedicated facilities are set up on site where it is possible to carry out courses with both in-house
and external instructors. From newly hired staff to the more established personnel, all staff is trained both in specialized activities, such as e-distribution profiling courses, and on issues that develop skills of a more general nature, starting from safety, team training courses, project management, and stress management, in order to have fully trained personnel.



Telebit has been present in the field of
Mobile Telephony networks since
the development of
the first networks by
Italian providers...


Since its foundation
fixed-line networks represented
for Telebit an important part
of its core


Telebit began working in this
sector back in the year
2003, with its first client, Sirti,
and right away it was brought
to the spotlight for its commitment...


Thanks to several decades of experience
in the telecommunications sector, Telebit
was able to bring its
its professionalism into the
world of optical networks....