Telebit s.r.l. is a company established at the end of the eighties, specialized in telecommunications, which is still to date its main focus. The company, with its 14 locations boasts a well distributed presence in North and Central Italy, with national reach thanks to proven cooperation with specialized long-time partners.

Ownership and Management have decades of experience in the field, which clearly transpires from the corporate organization, processes, personnel training and job site management.
Projects and job sites implemented for long-time customers took place across a wide variety of locations, under all sorts of orological condition, roadway system, in high-end settings, special environmental conditions or according to specific legislative requirements (landscape restrictions and more). Typical works range across the entire spectrum of the telecommunications sector: Mobile Telecommunication, Radio Links, Fixed Telephony, Fiber Optic Networks, Networking, Power and Electrical Systems in general, Generators and Dedicated Power Supply Networks (UPS), Air-Conditioning, Heating and Free Cooling, Maintenance, Radio and TV Broadcasting Telecommunication, Security, Control and Automation.
Finally, it should be mentioned that by making training and safety its main goal in personnel and human resources management, for several years the company has been running a business unit specialized entirely in in-house training and development of Safety in the Workplace.
The Company, which employs more than 280 people, is strongly oriented towards technology and implementation: the technical and operative section includes also the business unit thus representing 92% of the entire human resources capital.

Year in which Telebit was founded. The company operates in the telecommunications sector.

Telebit expands to Northern Italy taking part in the implementation of the telecommunication network of the country on behalf of SIP.

Mobile phone usage begins to spread; Telebit becomes immediately one of the main Technology Vendors and Operators' partners in the development of mobile telephony networks.

Telebit expands its services implementing power and electrical systems and generators on behalf of Telecom Italia.

The TLC market strengthens; Telebit expands its local offices to Dosson, Piacenza, and Milan.

Telebit enters the maintenance market in the fields of Telephony, Power and Electrical Systems, Air-Conditioning and Security Systems. It becomes the sole company operating in the field of maintenance for Telecom Italia Nordest; in addition it opens an office in Brazil.

Intergenerational transfer of management.

The development calls for a national expansion. New offices are setup in Umbria, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Piedmont and Lazio. The company reaches 260 employees with 33 million in turnover.
Telebit becomes a network company for the access network backups of TIM and Vodafone in Triveneto.

Vast developments on the fiber optics network are initiated. New agreement with ZTE for the WIND/3 client. Wiring of FTTH Udine - Open Fiber. First pilot-project 5G system installed in San Marino for TIM.

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