We are a team of professionals with experience, competence, innovative mentality and resourcefulness aimed at the continuous search for solutions to solve complex problems and achieve challenging goals.
We combine constant growth with a virtuous financial position: in more than 30 years we have built a solid company with sustainable, lasting, and respectful development.
We have managed to create and maintain a loyal, resilient, meritocratic ecosystem made up of reliable relationships and partnerships.
We have implemented a responsible pact between stakeholders by investing to enhance the national ecosystem and for structural, sustainable and virtuous economic growth to increase value, employment, skills, innovation and competitiveness.



Telebit establishment in the telecommunications sector.

Expansion into northern Italy by participating in the implementation of the telecommunications network of monopolist SIP.

With the beginning of the spread of mobile telephony, Telebit immediately became one of the main partners of mobile network operators and technology providers.

Telebit extends its expertise in the energy sector realizing systems and generators on behalf of Telecom Italia.

Telebit enters the field of maintenance of telephony, energy, air conditioning and security systems. It becomes the sole supplier for Telecom Italia's maintenance activities in the North-East area. In 2012 the office in Brazil was opened.

Telebit enters the maintenance market in the fields of Telephony, Power and Electrical Systems, Air-Conditioning and Security Systems. It becomes the sole company operating in the field of maintenance for Telecom Italia Nordest; in addition it opens an office in Brazil.

A generational handover entrusts the current management with the leadership of the company.

The business expands to national coverage with the opening of new offices in Umbria, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Piedmont, and Lazio. Telebit becomes a network company for backup activities of TIM and Vodafone access networks in the Triveneto region.

Start of major development in fibre optic networks. Agreements are signed with ZTE for the Wind/3 swap project and with Oper Fiber for cabling. The city of Udine is cabled with FTTH technology. Telebit installs the first 5G experimental system for TIM in San Marino.

TIM rewards Telebit as best 'Total Quality Excellence' supplier. Telebit completes 'swap' of WIND/3 network’ cluster turnkey'.

TIM rewards Telebit as best 'Total Quality Excellence' supplier. Telebit completes 'swap' of WIND/3 network’ cluster turnkey'.