Since 2018, Telebit has also been operating in the electric mobility industry with a clear market positioning, acting as an e-mobility general contractor.
We provide the entire range of products and services for designing and managing EV charging stations, especially high-power charging units with MV-LV transformer substations, storage, and photovoltaic systems, and charging units with a power output of over 150 kW.

Over the years, the proven track record in technological installations, and in the telecommunications industry, allows Telebit to guarantee turnkey solutions on a national level for customers who plan to become key players in the e-mobility business, whether as a Charging Point Operator (owner of an infrastructure network) or E-Mobility Provider (manager of the charging service).

Telebit's e-mobility offer is designed for:

  • public and private transport companies,
  • owners of refueling stations,
  • companies with a significant customer base, fleets or offices in the territory such as car manufacturers, utilities, large companies, real estate, large-scale retail operators and hotel chains.

Telebit's e-mobility offer is today mainly composed of:

  • chargers produced by leading international vendors; they can be customized with branded graphics;
  • site research and permitting to identify the most convenient areas in which to build charging stations and in obtaining all permits
    This service also includes consultancy and the preparation of documentation for participation in tenders and the creation of business plans to quantify the payback times of investments;
  • inspections throughout Italy to draw up detailed metric calculations for the technical-economic quantification of the electrical and civil works  to build the charging stations;
  • design guaranteed by a highly specialized in-house team;
  • installation, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance by a network of specialized technicians operating in low and medium voltage and supported by a technological management platform.
    Technicians are provided with periodic training on AC and DC charging systems supplied by leading international manufacturers, as well as customer assistance managed by a dedicated call centre;
  • cloud platforms for managing the charging service and vehicle fleet, to meet the different needs of customers and to guarantee new tailor-made services.